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Web Design Process

This is a quick overview of the process each project takes.

Create an Overview Document

First,We create an Overview Document. This document is based on research and any materials and insight you provide us. The Overview Document will explain in clear terms what we intend to achieve with the project. We also provide a sitemap and wireframes in order to clarify what information is included and how it is to be organized.


During the first stage of design we prepare rough sketches, sample photos and color palettes that compose the look and feel of a project. Once a direction is chosen, the actual design uses type, photographs or illustrations, tone and layout to make the concept work in the real world. Design takes a lot of refining and revising to get it just right. Accessibility and search engine friendliness will also be considered at this time.


Once the design has been completed and approved by you, we start the coding process. At this stage we write the actual html and css code.

We will give you the opportunity to view each page as it is completed. This will allow us to make adjustments to the design as early as possible to minimize the time required to complete your site.


We thorougly test your website on our servers using a variety of browsers to ensure maximum compatibility.

Sign off

Once we have finished our testing, we will arrange for you to see the final product before it is published. You will have the opportunity to request further changes at this time.


We will publish your completed website to the host of your choice. We will also submit your site to various search engines.

Monitor and Test

We will monitor and test your production site for 30 days after first publishing. We will note any problems and make our recommendations to you regarding any needed adjustments.

Post Install

Your site will need to be maintained to ensure that all information is up to date. Maintenace is avalable on a prepaid or as needed basis.